Rainbow acrylic pour, with a surprise (for me) at the end!

Well, it seems I’m cursed. This is the third video I’ve made and although the first came out, the second had to be deleted. This one I decided to keep, even though the end product had a wee little surprise for me.

It was so pretty!

Check out the video and let me know what you think! Should I keep doing these?

Spoiler alert, we are pretty sure it wasn’t kiddo. It must have been a fly or some other insect in the garage that skated its way across the wet painting…

Live and learn.

Check out my new craft bench!

Here is the text my husband sent me this morning:

“You should write a blog about DIYing in the kitchen to get your husband to give you space in the garage.”

To be clear, I had no designs on garage space. But I didn’t say “no” when he offered to give me some of that man-cave real estate. I guess he got tired of me dripping paint everywhere in the kitchen, as well as having to moving everything to make dinner.

In any case, over this past long weekend, I got premium garage space courtesy of my saintly man who built ceiling storage, several shelving units and one perfectly sized work bench. He also made sure I had easy access to tools such as pliers and screwdrivers, goo gone, and all the spray paints.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing my craft projects, including some How To videos. Here you can see some of the projects I’ve already started including some gorgeous coasters for a friends upcoming birthday, as well as mercury glass solar light jars for those summer nights on the patio.

So that is my awesome bench. Isn’t it great? All it needs is a slop sink…hint hint.