Young kids and finding the music in the maelstrom.

I got lucky today. My kids invaded the bathroom.

Photo by Ignacio Sanz, via Flickr.

I was in the shower this morning and I left the kids just one room away, in the playroom. This is a common set up. I don’t use the master bath when I’m alone with the kids because I can’t control the environment as well. So I shower upstairs, steps away from the kiddos.

In any case, I was in the shower. Alone. For 3 minutes. I mean, I got three entire minutes to myself before my son opened the bathroom door and both kids burst in.

My son stood on the toilet and began to ask, “Mommy, can you see this?” while holding various toys over the shower stall door. The little one complained loudly when the big one took her toys to show to me as well and started to unwrap the toilet paper roll.

He started singing a wordless, repetitive tune, and she took it upon herself to add “call and response” wordless phrases to the song. It was “Shave and a Haircut,” on steroids. It had its own kind of glorious hyperbolic harmony.

There are many days in which this intrusion would have irritated me and possibly ruined my morning. Days when I’d gotten less sleep the night before, or was worried about something, trying to work through a problem, or compose an article in my head.

I’m glad this wasn’t one of those days.

If it was, I would not have been able to appreciate my children cooperating and enjoying each other’s company (as well as mine). I know those days are fleeting.

I’m not trying to make this that “enjoy the time you have,” story I see on A LOT of mommy blogs. I kinda hate those, because they diminish an adult’s right to feel upset at children. We are completely justified in feeling like overtaxed caterers to our children’s needs and wants, and equally validated in asking for help from spouses, family, and friends to ease that burden.

Parents deserve privacy in the bathroom, whether they get it or not. But once in a while, it’s nice to not feel that righteous irritation.

Those days when you can lean your head back under the water and trust that the chaos you hear is the music…those are pretty great days.

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