Here we go.

Thanks for joining me!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a woman, to be a mom, to be a creative, and to work. I guess we do it all, even if we don’t “have” it all.

I’ll be sharing the things I think are interesting and fun about life, as well as the not-so-great moments.

Here’s the big picture: I had a full-fledged career before I had kids. I lived by myself in an urban area, had tons of friends, a good nightlife, and a string of “whatever” boyfriends. I was independent and I was alone—seriously, I didn’t even have a pet.

I met my husband after his first marriage (no kids) ended. Now we have two kids, a 5-year old who just started school, and a near 1-year old. We live in full on suburbia, a “nice” place, full of activities for families, great weather, and good schools.

Now my house is full. Two kids, two dogs, a fish tank.

My life has 180-ed. I’m a mid-life mom, and my family is the best things that ever happened to me. So I hope you’ll join me as I discuss the things I love, the life I live, and coffee that gets me up, now that I’m wearing my big girl pants.


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