My recipe promise

Here is my promise to you: I will never post a long blog about a recipe, while waiting to give you that recipe until the very last moment. I won’t do it.

Because I know what it is like to scroll through someone’s blog post when my hands are covered in flour. I know the ads take eons to load, or never load and you have to hit refresh.

Me waiting for a site to load. Photo courtesy of Jeff Hurt via Flickr.

I know how it is when you’ve got 15 minutes before the baby wakes up and you need to make sure you’ve measured the marinade right or check whether the burner should be medium low instead of a default high.

And I know what it’s like to be excited to cook something for the first time and you finally chose the prettiest picture from your search and now, you just want to make it!

I don’t begrudge these ads (they pay for people to write these great blogs, do the research and post the pretty food porn). And I don’t begrudge the writers sharing those interesting tales of technique, discovery, and joy. We need more storytelling.

But, I also know the pain of cooking from an online recipe. So, as Meatloaf puts it, I won’t do that. (Yes, I’m old. Google it)

Stay tuned for my first recipe.

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