I have a mug problem.

This is my kitchen. Full disclosure, I removed about 15 things from this picture (scrub brushes, broken lids, dirty cups, etc.) to give you just a taste of my mug collection. These are only the ones that were clean or currently unused (although I pulled the flower one from the sink). I have special mugs to remember places I’ve been, silly ones that make me giggle, beautiful ones that brighten my day.

Let me tell you about the “Facts of Life” mug. I rescued it from my workplace about 10 years ago. It is tiny—too small for coffee (although don’t test me. I have smaller ones). I will never give it away. Here’s why:

If side one is everything you ever wanted in a mug, check out side two: Signed by Charlotte Rae, in 1983! This is the kinda stuff you only see in Los Angeles. It was likely given to a crew member for the show, and it made its way to my office in 2009, where it was (almost) abandoned. I rescued it and gave it a new life in my cupboard.

The good news is my 5-year old son loves to use it for hot chocolate. While he drinks it, I tell him about the show and I sing him the theme song. He is so far unimpressed, but there isn’t a better life philosophy than “you take the good, you take the bad, you take ’em both.”

There is also a line in the full song:

If you hear them from your brother,
Better clear them with your mother
Better get them right,
call her late at night

So call your mom, kids. Late at night. You can thank my mug collection for the reminder.

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